Australian Institute Of Sport (AIS) Launches New Guidelines For Concussion In Sport

Australian Institute Of Sport (AIS) Launches New Guidelines For Concussion In Sport

“If in doubt, sit them out”

The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) has launched updated Concussion Guidelines for Youth and Community Sport, aiming to provide a comprehensive and standardised approach to concussion management.

The guidelines are a collaboration between the Australian Institute of Sport, Australasian College of Sport & Exercise Physicians, Sports Medicine Australia and the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

The guidelines emphasise a conservative management approach for individuals under 19 due to growing brains and increased risk of prolonged recovery times.

The mantra “If in doubt, sit them out” highlights the importance of caution when dealing with possible concussions.

The guidelines form part of the updated Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) Concussion and Brain Health Position Statement and have been developed with advice from both the UK and New Zealand. This updated Position Statement addresses key recommendations from the Senate Inquiry into concussions and repeated head trauma in contact sports.

Included in the guidelines:

  • What is concussion?
  • What are the causes and symptoms of concussion?
  • How to recognise concussion
  • What to do next: Immediate management of concussion
  • Graded return to sport framework for community and youth
  • Examples of return to sport timeframes
  • Protocol for those with multiple suspected concussions
  • Concussion officer for community/school environments
Information for parents and teachers to help recognise the symptoms of concussion and understand the best process for treatment and ongoing management of concussion.

The AIS recommends that clubs and schools introduce a ‘concussion officer’ to oversee the management of concussion.

REMEMBER: If in doubt, sit them out.

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